Project Type: Feature Film

Location: Anderson, SC

When: OCTOBER 2020

Submission Guidelines

  • Do not use a third party casting website.

  • Send your Headshot, Reel & Resume.

  • Subject Header. ROLE_NAME_BURGERBAIT

  • chris@fosterkidfilms.com

Character Breakdowns

  • Travis (10 days): Early 20's, hipster, loser, weird, natural storyteller, sort of boyish. $125/Day

  • Whitney (7 days): Early 20's, severe ADHD, bubbly, extremely knowledgeable about things she's passionate about, sexually open and forward. $125/Day

  • Manager (5 days): 40's-late 50's, must be ethnic but can be any ethnicity: African American, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, etc. A man who takes more pride in his food than his employees.

  • Chandler (1 day): 14-18, extraordinarily awkward and socially clueless, naive, and lovable.

  • Homeless Man (2 days): late 40's and up, scruffy, he's your neighborhood crazy drunk homeless guy, what more is there to say?

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