Actin' Up w/Stephen C. Bell

For this series I'm interviewing up & coming talent from all over the world. Hear how the acting industry market is doing in their areas and follow them as they dive into a year full of ambitious goals.

First up - Stephen C. Bell, a client and friend of ActorsUtility.

Stephen C. Bell stars in "The Hit", a short scene written by himself.
Stephen C. Bell | The Hit

1) Where are you from? How is the film industry that is local to you? Thriving, Dead, Etc. SC. - Atlanta Local Hire (Southeast market) - Atlanta is BOOMING.  

2) How long have you been a working actor? How did you get started?

I started theater acting in 2005.  I only started to pursue the TV/Film route in 2018. 

3) You've got style. Take us through what goes on behind each performance. What is your approach? First, I have to know the character's backstory.  What is his relationship to the people around him.  Why is he where he is now, and how did he get there.  What does he want and what is he willing to do to get it.  I then reach into my own experiences to really bring the character to life.  Forced emotions can come across awkward and fake.


4) As an actor you are constantly developing not only skills but adapting to new life style changes. How does that affect you and what sort of changes have you had to make in order to take the industry more seriously? This is tough for me currently because I am still working a 40+ hr a week job.  I have to really be careful with what time I am allotted off.  I also have to be very smart with my time management.   I know what days I need for class etc.  I also have to put self care as a priority.  If I get sick, depressed, or overwhelmed, well, acting will suffer.  

Stephen stars as a Reporter in this political thriller, "The Rabbit Hole."
Stephen C. Bell | The Rabbit Hole

5) What's the hardest part of working in your industry? Staying positive and focused.  Learn to not take ANYTHING personal and keep moving forward.  There is a role out there waiting for you.  

6) What is your strategy for growth in 2020? Is it different from what you did in 2019 or is it a continuation of the steps you've already started taking? My 2020 goals is to put myself out there even more.  I am going to be building up my YouTube channel and am looking to produce my first short film this year.  I am also looking to update my demo reels and head shots.  Finally, I am really going to dive deeper in honing my acting skills.  This will be to work harder in class and film weekly monologues.  

7) Regardless of your level of experience & expertise, what would be the one piece of advice you'd offer a fellow actor new to the industry? Never allow self doubt or doubt of others keep you from chasing your dream.  Focus on you and what you need to do to get there.  Block out all negativity and PRACTICE daily!!! 

8) Tell us about the best experience you've had on set that you will never forget. Don't hesitate to make any shoutouts to the people you've worked with (unless it's damaging, slander, etc.) Since I only have a few credits, I will say my day on Personal Injury Court.  Working on that set was AMAZING.  The crew really made sure you were comfortable and insured you that you were doing great.  Afterwards, there was so much laughter and celebration and hugs.  Many friends made that day.  

9) Lastly, we'll have some fun. Compare yourself to one big time Hollywood Actor. Is this your favorite Actor? I could never compare myself to anyone.  I also believe each and every person should NOT do that.  Own your own talent and worth.  However, I am told often I remind people of the late John Ritter.  He was one of my favorites and a legend.  I still like to watch his performances and choices he made. 


And there you have it. Be sure to checkout Stephen's work. Tell him @ActorsUtility sent you!






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