Actin' Up w/Dominique Mancini

For this series I'm interviewing up & coming talent from all over the world. Hear how the acting industry market is doing in their areas and follow them as they dive into a year full of ambitious goals.

Up next - the one and only Dominique Mancini.

Dom stars as the lead in this music video by The Drunken Fiddler.
Dominique Mancini | Truth Hurts

1) Where are you from? How is the film industry that is local to you? Thriving, Dead, Etc. Originally, Florida . The film industry in Greenville (South Carolina) is not where it COULD be. As far as Atlanta, I’m thankful I can make the drive .

2) How long have you been a working actor? How did you get started? For about 3 1/2 years & I got started by enrolling in acting classes first and foremost. 

3) You've got style. Take us through what goes on behind each performance. What is your approach? I really connect to dramatic scenes right now in my career, & I really need to take time to create a dynamic character first and learn the story . & work on my characters backstory than add the icing on top (my twist on the character) that is true to me.

4) As an actor you are constantly developing not only skills but adapting to new life style changes. How does that affect you and what sort of changes have you had to make in order to take the industry more seriously? This affects me in a good way because I have to learn different lifestyles & get to experience them in a new way. 

Being more open and fearless was something I had to do.

Acting alongside a handful of others, Dom plays a carefree spirit in this short film.
Dominique Mancini | FRIGHT DRIVE

5) What's the hardest part of working in your industry? The competition. 

6) What is your strategy for growth in 2020? Is it different from what you did in 2019 or is it a continuation of the steps you've already started taking? My strategy for growth in 2020 is to build a really powerful network & continuously hone my craft.

It is not different , but rather deeper steps & a few extra ones at that, to keep building & learning from everything this journey has to offer.

7) Regardless of your level of experience & expertise, what would be the one piece of advice you'd offer a fellow actor new to the industry? The one piece of advice id love to offer is... Be prepared to invest in yourself & understand that this career isn’t built over night. Always remember the journey it takes to get to the destination .

8) Tell us about the best experience you've had on set that you will never forget. Don't hesitate to make any shoutouts to the people you've worked with (unless it's damaging, slander, etc.) I’d say the best experience I have had on set was when I brought a director so far into a scene with me, they were crying. That to me, was amazing. & made me feel POWERFUL.

9) Lastly, we'll have some fun. Compare yourself to one big time Hollywood Actor. Is this your favorite Actor? Drew Barrymore- she is one of them. I guess because I feel I relate to her humor & mannerisms a lot.

That concludes our interview. If you'd like to be featured, please reach out. This series is open until the end of June. Until next time!






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